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AMASS Data Embedded Control Digital I/O Module (ECDIO)

Data Sheet (pdf)

AMASSER ECDIO Digital I/O Module

The 2500 Vrms isolated ECDIO Digital I/O Module is a compact DIN Rail mountable, full function digital input/output (I/O) subsystem that is compatible with the following RS485 Multi-Drop Networking protocols: AMASS Data’s ECN, SDI-12/RS485 and MODBUS RTU. This module provides firmware based intelligent digital I/O functions for its 24 I/O lines.

24 Input/Output Lines

The unit provides three 8-bit parallel I/O ports. One port dedicated output, the second port is dedicated input and the third port is independently programmable as either an input or output port. Three ALS645 octal buffer devices are provided to buffer the I/O ports and provide +/- 24 mA drive capacity. This is sufficient to directly interface to standard opto-module racks. Connection to the I/O points is via a 50-pin ribbon connector, which can be connected directly to industry standard digital I/O termination panels.

Distributed Full-Function Control

The ECDIO module has been designed to provide the user with intelligent Digital I/O functions that are easily executed over a robust & reliable network from a COMM port on your industrial PC. The firmware provides input, output, network and specialized functions.
  • INPUT FUNCTIONS: Firmware includes Read Bits, Read Byte, read timer registers & read periodic on/off registers.
  • OUTPUT FUNCTIONS: Firmware includes Write Byte, set timer register & set periodic on/off registers. The basic clock tick by which the firmware operates is 10 milliseconds. Output timers are 16 bits and provide 10 msec to 655.35 second interval timing.
  • WATCHDOG: Firmware provides a watchdog function for the communications port. It is user-programmable and allows an orderly shutdown of I/O in case of communications failure.
  • FAILSAFE: Firmware provides two outputs that can be programmed to provide periodic maintenance until communications have been restored.

Optical Isolation

The communications port is a 2500Vrms optically isolated RS485 multi-drop interface and can be configured for half of Full duplex operation. Network termination resistor sockets are provided on the module. An on board DC-DC converter provides the RS485 interface circuitry with 2500 Vrms isolated +5V dc power.


Processor - Atmel 89C52 @ 11.0592MHz.
Word Size - 8 bit data - 8 bit instruction
Memory - 89C52, 8 Kbytes FLASH 256 bytes RAM

ECNet - 10 pin ribbon header type
Compatible connectors:

  • Flat cable - 3M 3473-6010,TB
  • Ansley 609-100M or equivalent
  • DIN connector - 96/64 PC mount
Compatible connectors:
  • Flat cable - GW Elco 00-8259-096-124 or equivalent
  • Discrete Wire - GW Elco 60-8257-3017 or equal
  • DIGITAL I/O - 50 pin pcb mount:
  • Molex 15-25-5501
  • SBX Connector - As per Intel iSBX
    Expansion Bus Specification.

Digital Inputs
Ports 0,3: present 1 LSTTL load
Ports 1,2,4,5:

  • VIH = 2.0 VDC min
  • VIL = 0.8 VDC max. (no pullups)
  • Leakage (IIL) = 1uA max.

Digital Outputs
Ports 0,3: installed 74LS225 buffer drives 60 LSTTL loads
  • VOH = 2.0 VDC min
  • VOL = 0.8 VDC max
  • IOH = -15mA max
  • IOL = 24mA min.
Ports 1,2,4,5:
  • VOH = 3.0 VDC min
  • VOL = 0.4 VDC max
  • IOH = -2.5 mA max
  • IOL = 2.5 mA min
  • leakage (IOL) = 10 uA max

Power Requirements
+ 5V +/- 5% @ 250mA max.

Physical Characteristics
Height - 13.77 mm. (0.542in.)
Width - 100.0 mm (3.93 in.)
Depth - 200.00 mm (8.65 in.)
Weight - 0.175 Kg (0.5 lb.)
Mounting - Standard single height,
double depth Eurocard, with IEC 603-2-IEC-C064-M connector.

Environmental Characteristics
Operating: - 40 to +85 C
Storage: - 55 to +105 C
Humidity: <= 90% non-condensing


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