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PDAS-III The PDAS-III (Pliant Data Acquisition System) is a highly configurable data logger with a user-friendly built-in menu system for set-up and data retrieval. Without the use of any programming language or proprietary host software, the user easily specifies basic parameters such as sampling, logging and min/max rates. The menu system also provides a convenient interface for configuring other features such as the alarm event conditions and actions (eg. automatic dial-out). An optional display allows full access to all features.

Sources of data for the PDAS-III include:

  • Any SDI-12 sensor (up to twenty).
  • RS485-based SDI-12
  • Wireless link with SDI-12, Modbus RTU sensors (see PRF radio)
  • Analog devices (eg.4-20mA) and maintenance parameters (eg. battery voltage)

TELEMETRY options: data modem, data/voice modem, GOES telecommunications.



PARSEOur PARSE (Pliant Automatic Reeler with Shaft Encoder) is an innovative approach to groundwater monitoring. It provides groundwater level measurements using an automated plumb-bob winching system. It is more robust, accurate and reliable than pressure transducer installations. It combines the calibration system of current groundwater installations with the high resolution and reliability of a shaft encoder.


Our shaft encoders provide fluid level tracking with a resolution of 1/400th of a revolution, that is, with a 375mm-circumference pulley the resolution is less than a millimetre.  The sensed data may be provided serially via MODBus RTU, SDI-12, leased-line modem, or dial-up modem. The level may also be transmitted as a 4-20mA analog signal using a 16-bit DAC.
Here, then, is our line of shaft encoders:
  • PSE-SDI: Basic shaft encoder with standard SDI-12 interface. More details please...
  • PSE/RTU: Basic shaft encoder with MODBus RTU interface. More details please...
  • /MDMLL and /MDM: Leased-line modem and dial-up modem for PSE shaft encoder. More details please...
  • \D Option: Provides 8-digit display and two double-position switches for in-field viewing and set-up.  For example, PSE-SDI/D


Float pulleys and tapes for use with shaft encoder water level sensors. Our PPULLEY is 375mm in circumference and has three pins 125 mm apart which engage the punched tape.  The stainless steel tapes are graduated in metric (available in imperial units) and are punched along their centreline at 125mm spacing.  Available in 15 (PTAPE-15) or 30 (PTAPE-30) metres in length.

When ordered with our PSE-SDI shaft encoder, the pulley is mounted on an insulating hub thus providing the sensor with electrical isolation from the water and ensuring lightning protection.



The AD34 Submersible Temperature Probe has an input range of -50C to +125C and full-scale error of +/- 1C. The output range is 0-2.5V.  It includes 2 metres of cable.
More details please...


The PRF (Pliant Radio Frequency) is an environmental radio transceiver which permits a wireless connection between the PDAS logger and its sensors. A set of PRF radios make the sensors appear as Modbus RTU slaves to the PDAS. The sensors may in fact be SDI-12, Modbus RTU, or some custom protocol (if so ordered). May be 900MHz or 2.46GHz. A RS232 port allows the user to configure the Master and Slave radios for the particular application.
More details please...


The PCHRGR battery charger is designed for optimum maintenance of lead acid/gel acid type batteries in environmental data acquisition installations. The PCHRGR regulates the current from the charging device to the battery in order to maintain it at the proper recommended float voltage of typical gel cell batteries. The charging current is regulated as a function of the load. Pricing

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