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PCOM Modules
Pliant Communications Interfaces

AMASS Data provides solutions for those in need of communications interfaces between two dissimilar devices. We provide the off-the-shelf solutions shown below as well as custom engineered ones:

The PCOM-SDI: In its standard configuration it provides an interface between a RS232 device (eg. computer) and a SDI-12 sensor(s). The PCOM-SDI, as SDI-12 master controller, provides for auto data-buffer retrieval and setup of SDI-12 sensors by means of simple ASCII drivers on your RS232 host. The host is relieved of all SDI-12 timings restraints. More details please...

The PCOM-SDI/RTU. This communications module provides an interface between a MODBUS RTU Master device such as a SCADA, and SDI-12 sensors (slaves). It also provides an RS232 port to configure the SDI-12 sensors. More details please...

These products may also be customized to your particular application. (engineering charges apply)

What communications interface do you require for your sensors? MODBUS RTU, RS232, RS485, SDI-12. Tell us about your project. We can help.

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